Sunday, September 08, 2013

Hi Old Friend!! I Have Missed You !!

Hi and How are things,  I have been MIA since last year and totally ignoring my BLOG.  I have not made a card since February of this year .. things have been busy ... 1 Grandson 4 1/2, a Granddaughter 10 months old and a Granddaughter just turned 5 months old.  Very busy with them ..they have become my new favorite priority.
I am baaaaaaack.  This is the first card I have made in ages. I made it for my card room .. LOL ... an old friend I did not realize I had missed so much til I sat in my room this morning with all by precious goodies and papers around me.
I have also taken up teaching myself to CROCHET ... off You Tube and I have made 2 afghans so far.  Love the tutorials on You Tube .. you can learn anything !!!
Anyway .. I am off to make another card, so I will be back later today to upload. (I also noticed I need to update by BLOG...  it is looking a bit tired and seems here are also new thing to learn about that as well.  Life is never dull !!
See Ya Later..