Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My First MOJO Monday Challenge

This is my first Mojo Monday Challenge card MOJO94 , How exciting .. The card was made for my daughter Shannon , who is moving to Port Alberni BC on Vancouver Island. My oldest daughter moved there June 1st and broke my heart, and now my middle daughter is also moving there. With this ... it also means my Gorgeous 6 month old grandson Matteo is going. They do not understand why my heart is breaking ??? But they need my support and undertanding that they need to venture out and try something new. (Both their boyfriends are from there and the guys feel the need to move home for some reason)
So hopefully this will give them little comfort ... knowing on the outside I understand they need to spread their wings and try something new. .. but on the inside I am heartbroken (the card below is for my oldest daughter .. it has the same sentiment on the back.. the ketto card)
Ok enough said ... keep smiling Mom !!!!

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