Sunday, April 11, 2010

FS166 Pat Smethers Caused More FUN !!!!

Well Pat Smethers seems like such a fun and crazy gal on SCS .. She is FS166 today . She certainly caused some fun in my home today. I decided it was time for me to bite the bullet and finally learn to use my brand new sewing machine. I bought it about a year ago to sew on cards.
So after I located the plug for it (still in the little plastic bag in the original box) I got at it. I tried and tried to thread the needle... it wasn't working .. wasn't sure there was even a hole in the needle LOL ... I had to call in the big boys .. my DH Dan and our friend Jorge .. well after numerous attempts ... DH got out some special tools LOL .. magnifying glasses with a light on it .. all attached to a hat .. oh my goodness .. did we laugh ... is it old age setting in ??? None of us could see the little hole in the little needle.
Well we got it threaded and then I did a few practise runs on some scrap paper AND BROKE THE NEEDLE !!!! Figured out how to change it and re thread it ... oh my oh my ... I finally got my card made and now I am off to Wal mart to buy a needle threader LOL .....
Thanks to Cindy at SCS for choosing Pat Smethers today for the Featured Stamper .. and Thanks ladies for the laughs.... Please note the terrible sewing on my card !!!! I wrecked the bottom sewing so I put a fence over it .. by this time it was far to precious to throw out and start again ...


  1. What an adventure (my machine is still in the box in the basement too...after more than a year..shhh)

    Your card is just wonderful...I love how you stitched together your background. You may have just inspired me to pull out my sewing machine too!!!

  2. Oh I have had adventures with my sewing machine too. LOL! But alls well that ends well cause your card is just perfect. I adore that little house mouse. You did him justice!