Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Card and Chocolate Swap on PCP

OK .. after the Dear Daughter moved out .. taking with her ..my precious grandson Matteo .. see below pics... I decided it was time to get back in and play with my card world. Sooooooooooooo what better way to start off again but with a Card and Chocolate Swap over on Paper Craft Planet. !!! It was lead by Christi Usher ... who by the way was my swap buddy...

This is the adorable card she sent .. Looks alot like me after her package arrived ..LOL She sent me tons of yummy chocolate ... take note of the Betty Crocker turtle bar.. there was actually 2 to start with ... mmmmm wonder where one went?? There was also a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup .. suspiciously missing as well from this pic ... I thought I had better get a pic soon before .....well .... back to the card... hehehe it was a blast and I thank Christi for her amazing package .... what fun .....


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  2. HI TERRIE!!!! WELCOME back to blogland! Glad to see you. Love the card!!! HEE HEE... I mistyped, so I am posting again.