Monday, April 04, 2011

My Next Challenge SPCC # 94 .. I made it !!!

Ok this is really going to be a challenge for me ........ because ... Hubby and me are moving to a hotel for a week to 10 days... WHY ?? Weellllll .. the Town folk here in all their wisdom...decided we needed to update our water meter in the house in Jan. The fellow who was changing it did not turn off the water and flooded our basement ... our fully developed basement.... then he was running buckets of water up the stairs and spilled it across my hardwood floors in the kitchen/eating area .. wood swelled up ... disaster ensued ... Well tomorrow is the day they come in to do all the repairs. Dogs are at the sitters and Dan and I are moving into a hotel while the work is being done (due to sanding the floors replacing the carpets in the basement fumes from refinishing the hardwood etc...

So I am taking a small amount of crafting supplies with me and hope to get this card done by next Sunday :) So let's see what limited supplies can create ..

Hope you all have an awesome evening ... I am off to finish packing .. Laptop is coming so I will still be in touch.

I made it .. I snuck down into my card room and finished one off .. hope you like..


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