Sunday, April 03, 2011

Time to KICK it up a NOTCH !!

My thoughts for the day are ... It is time to pick it up a NOTCH (or 2) .. I have been blog hopping and looking at all the amazing work out there. WOW .. what awesome talent. My blog friend Alaine ... DT members together ... Both our first times for OUTLINES .. HAS ACTUALLY INSPIRED ME TO KICK IT UP A NOTCH.... She certainly has !!! Check out her blog ... I look back at my cards and I see nice cards .. simple cards.... sketch challenges... some color challenges ... but it is all starting to look the same to me ... I guess I have not yet found my niche .. Time to get to work .. mmm which way will I go ... take a coloring/blending class ??? Try a new technique ?? Use many new techniques ??? All I can say is the next card I post will hopefully knock your socks off .. LOL .. I am stepping out of my safe comfy little box !!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Aw Terrie! That is so sweet of you to say this. Your cards are always wonderful and I love them all!!!! I will say this, it is a blast to jump out of your comfort zone, although completely nerve-wrecking. Thank you again and have a bunch of fun!